Artist Statement for Debra Trafton, Auburn, Maine, United States


I enjoy creating paintings that capture the architectural splendor of our esteemed cities, institutions and transportation hubs. The landscape intrigues me as the surfaces of water, land, and sky are diverse and full of light creating genuine shapes of interest. I am in constant pursuit of capturing the figure in both a foundation approach coupled with the natural movement of the figure in cityscapes and landscapes. Using acrylic, watercolour and metal leaf on large and small scale canvas, wood, or paper, my brush gracefully applies sumptuous strokes of color. My style of painting aims to convey the true splendor and distinctiveness of monumental architecture, landscapes and the captivating figure. I articulate certain details in full resolution while letting others meld in an atmospheric impressionism. This approach creates a cavernous sense of space, accentuating more notable architectural elements. Light plays a vital role in each composition. Whether through shadowy grottos and passageways or massive windows streaming with brilliant sunshine, contrasting luminosity infuses my art with drama and dimensionality. My sense of wonder is the backdrop of my rich creative life. These are words I bring to my canvas portraying color, shape, and form as my visual language.

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